Membership Benefits

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Increase Professional Networks

ICTNT events provide great opportunities to network and learn from some of the industry’s leading professionals. Members can use the events to leverage their professional profiles and increase business contacts by attending a variety of functions hosted by the association each year.

Power to Influence

The ICTNT membership base has the capacity to influence change in the industry’s curriculum. Members can have input into the programs taught by local educational bodies, setting agreed standards within the industry which in turn helps to strengthen the credibility of the Northern Territory’s ICT sector.

Visible in the Industry

ICTNT works closely with local media to increase awareness of new developments and technology within the industry. This provides valuable opportunities for members to leverage their business profiles in consultation with established, local media.   

Engage in Government Policy

A key benefit ICTNT members enjoy is the opportunity to provide input into government policy. By actively engaging in discussions and consultations, members can pro-actively support the industry and its development.


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